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What’s our top performing program?

Did you know that 80% of women will be fully responsible for their money during retirement, but just 20% of them feel prepared? Data also indicates that women feel that their advisor does not understand their retirement needs. With built-in retirement tax hikes, the possibility they’ll lose Social Security benefits and will live longer in retirement make them eager to find great advisors who will serve their unique needs. 

That’s where Women’s Retirement Roadmap comes in. This program is far and above our top performing program because it targets the specific concerns women have in retirement. With 25% more women on Facebook than men, and women being more likely to click on Facebook ads, it’s no wonder this is our top performing program. Check out this video!

The Law of Diminishing Intent simply states that the longer you wait to do something, the greater the odds become that you will never actually do it. When it comes to prospects with webinars, this absolutely holds true:

The further away prospects get from your webinar, the more likely it is they will not take action from that piece of marketing.

That is…unless you take action immediately after your webinar. We’ve created a guide that gives you the step-by-step process for maximizing every cent of your marketing spend with a proven follow-up process.

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Dinner Seminars

Over the years we’ve built our reputation on being some of the best at filling educational workshops, but did you know that we’re really good at marketing dinner seminars too? 

In a recent webinar, Founder and CEO Jonathan Musgrave details the exact process we use to create success with dinner seminars. Watch the webinar now to learn how we can fill your seminars for less money and offer some amazing value ads you won’t see anywhere else.

Seminar Planning Guide

Planning a seminar is a lot of work. Between booking the venue, scheduling your staff and filling it with marketing – there’s a lot on your plate. 

That’s why we created the Seminar Planning Guide. This tool contains the key deadlines you need to plan for, the process of working on your event with our team, and even details the communication your leads will receive. Check out the guide, and you’re one step closer to getting back into the swing of high-performing seminar marketing with Steep!

Should you be worried about iOS 14?

It seems that about once per year the marketing community is sent into panic with the announcement of a new app feature or ad change. 2021 is no different, but instead of Facebook changing things, this time it’s Apple – the company that makes more mobile devices than anyone else on the planet.

In our newest blog post, Steep Digital Founder Jonathan Musgrave talks about the new iOS 14 update, what it means for advertisers, and what to expect if you are running ads on Facebook. 

Want to discover opportunities that other advisors are missing? Announcing a brand-new type of webinar called Mega Webinars.

The name says it all. The results? 150 people registered per webinar. On average, this is four times the number of normal webinars.

Mega Webinar

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Use this tool to get more attendees and more appointments

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A new way to scale your marketing

Scale more aggressively – Fill up your pipeline (or funnel) and grow your list with more leads per webinar. 

Stretch marketing dollars and maximize ROI – Armed with a higher budget we target a larger audience that reaches more people per event.

Establish yourself as the go-to advisor – Remove boundaries and target multiple cities (or states) to increase the number of available customers.

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Avoid the “Summer Lull”

Whether your idea of summer vacation is a lazy beach getaway or a road-trip family reunion, many of us will be spending time away from our businesses this summer getting some much deserved RNR. But one of the things you DON’T want in your business is your lead pipeline drying up while you’re away.

We’ve got a solution for you to ensure your marketing works for you even when you’re not working. Check out this video where we explain how “The Vacation Webinar” can generate leads for you on autopilot so you come back to a full appointment schedule and can avoid the summer lull.

With marketing that works, even when you’re not working!

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build a plan for your vacation webinar!

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What financial advisors need to know about Apple iOS 14 and Facebook ads

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fill your seminars for less money!

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What’s our top performing program?

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Avoid the “Summer Lull”

Seminar Planning Guide

Should you be worried about iOS 14?

Mega Webinar

The Mega Webinar helps you do 3 things:

Dinner Seminars

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Seminar Rescue

Direct mail can be a great way to build your business, but if your response rate tanks then you could be out of luck and 6 weeks from another mail drop hitting homes. A brutal setback when you’re hoping for a room full of faces. There’s good news, though. You can now quickly supplement your dinner seminar marketing campaigns that would normally end with an empty room and a fridge of steak leftovers.

Introducing your seminar backup plan – Seminar Rescue – a supplemental, semi-custom version of your campaign that can be activated within 24 hours. You no longer have to cancel your venue, reduce your numbers, or curse the marketing gods! Use Seminar Rescue to supplement your upcoming seminar and make sure your event is full regardless of what happens with your direct mail campaign.

Ever had a direct mail response for your dinner seminar come up short?

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activating your Seminar Rescue campaign!

The Switchback Program

If you climb a mountain, rarely is the path a straight line to the top. In reality, the trail cuts back and forth, slowly gaining elevation until you reach the top. This is called a Switchback.

The same goes with reaching seminar prospects. The timing may not be right for them now, but if you keep giving them opportunities, at some point you’ll reach the “top” when they decide to reach out to you. The Switchback program gives you the best of both seminars and webinars in one by allowing you to deliver that same live presentation in webinar format to those that didn’t attend for up to 30 days.

Here’s how it works: the morning after your event, you will note who attended and who didn’t. As soon as you note the non-attendees, a 30-day email drip begins, giving them the opportunity to watch the same presentation you just presented in your live event, except in webinar format. You can stop throwing out non-attendees or banishing them to your cold email list by using The Switchback to maximize your ROI by sending out your webinar on autopilot.

Seminar Planning Guide

Seminar Rescue

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Switchback on your next seminar campaign!

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7 Little things that make a huge difference!

Some might think that 1% improvement isn't noteworthy...

The fact is that little improvements can be the difference between wild success or abject failure. In the end, it little adjustments pay off. Adding up 1% improvements every day for a year compound into an improvement of 37x by the end of the year. 

The same goes for your marketing. It’s the little changes and improvements to your systems that can make all the difference in your seminar and webinar results.  
If you want to get more out of your existing marketing without having to break the bank (and with all your existing tools at your disposal) watch our most recent webinar, 7 Little Things That Make a Huge Difference by clicking below.
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Our products for 2022!

  • Peak Performance Guarantee – Whether you’re doing a seminar or a webinar, we now fully guarantee your marketing performance with Peak Performance. Still based on our flat cost model, Peak Performance adds a layer of protection to your campaigns by only charging you for the registrations you receive.
  • You Tube Lead Generation – We’ve added in a new source of traffic with the internet’s #2 most visited site, and we’re leveraging it for way more than just leads. In this campaign, we launch a fully turn-key, video-based marketing campaign to generate leads, and then we do all the work to book these leads into appointments for you.
  • Done For You Call Services – Whether you’re confirming seminar registrants, vetting prospects for quality, or scheduling appointments – our call services are going to help you grow like crazy in 2022. Our team of US-based, life and health licensed callers are changing the game for Steep clients.

We’re deepening our commitment to be an advisor’s best marketing partner by adding a variety of new services.

Watch our 2022 kickoff webinar below to learn more about each of these programs now!
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Evergreen Webinar Launch!

Learn how to broadcast your message all-year long and achieve a 60% view rate with Evergreen Webinars.  

Traditional webinars are great, but they’re not without their challenges. Traffic only lasts about a week, the event-based marketing requires a lot of work, and even though Steep gets more than 2X the industry-average attendance rate – we always want more webinar viewers. 

Evergreen Webinars fix all these problems while also reducing your cost per lead, AND your cost per view.

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Need even more reasons to add Evergreen Webinars to your marketing plan? Check out this 4 minute video that shows you how this campaign massively reduces your cost per view!

Evergreen Webinar Launch!

Want to see the Evergreen Webinar in action?

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We’re thrilled to announce that Steep is a strategic marketing partner for Doug Orchard Films as a preferred vendor. This partnership allows us to promote The Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie events with quality prospects using our proven digital marketing systems.

Movie Theater events are different than any other event you’ve experienced in the past. They provide a lot of opportunity for your firm, but there are some nuances that you’ll need to know about and prepare for. If you need more information, visit our Movie Marketing Guide to help you execute a successful movie theater event.  

The Complete 

What is the Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie about?

As the market shifted away from pensions (defined benefit plan) toward 401Ks (defined contribution plans), American’s were faced with a whole new series of challenges. Today the two biggest risks (investment risk and longevity/income risk) are now squarely on the shoulders of the people who know the least – individual savers and retirees. But it’s not all bad news! The conclusion of the movie shows how every American does have access to dependable, pension-like income with annuities.

Throughout the movie financial experts, published authors, PhDs, economists and even Nobel Prize winners tell the story of the Baby Boomer Dilemma in a way that both educates and entertains the audience.

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“My first appointment from my movie event had $2.3M in liquid assets. My second appointment had $1.5M liquid and moveable assets.” ~ Kyle W.,  Rockville, MD ~

“This could be the biggest gamer-changer my business has ever experienced. I’m begging you to keep other people out of my territory.” ~ Michael S., Thousand Oaks, CA ~

“The Baby Boomer events through Steep are a game-changer! I’ve closed $14M in new business. I just hired a new advisor to do even more events!” ~ Andrew W., Nashville, TN ~

Recent Movie Results

Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie

In his own words, filmmaker Doug Orchard describes the Baby Boomer Dilemma movie as “An expose on America’s retirement experiment.” The movie covers the historical story of “the pension era” and the many challenges that both pension managers and participants experienced that led to a massive decline in the availability of pensions for most workers.

Introducing Movie Marketing