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Measuring Your Seminar and Webinar Marketing

This single important metric is ignored by most people. As marketers, we know that measuring our efforts matters. Looking back at results helps us learn from success and failure, teaches us more about our customers,...
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Steep Summit Stories Episode 5 with Brian Levy

Summit Stories Episode 5 - Brian Levy, Founder of BML Wealth Management Brian Levy is the founder behind Irvine-based financial planning firm, BML Wealth Management, and host of The Retirement Fingerprint radio show. Brian...
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Steep Summit Stories Episode 4 with Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, Creators of Retirement Elevated

Summit Stories Episode 4 - Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, Creators of Retirement Elevated Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, the two advisors behind Elevated Advisor and Retirement Elevated, run their business from two different...
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Steep Summit Stories Episode 3 with Joel Johnson

Summit Stories Episode 3 - Joel Johnson, Owner of Johnson Brunetti You’ve probably heard of “million-dollar advice” but what about “$250 million dollar advice”? Well, that’s what you’re going to get for the low...
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What Financial Advisors Need to Know about Apple iOS 14 and Facebook Ads

It seems that about once per year the marketing community is sent into panic with the announcement of a new app feature or ad change. 2021 is no different, but instead of Facebook changing things,...
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Steep Summit Stories Episode 2 with Traci Radmanovich

Summit Stories Episode 2 - Traci Radmanovich, Founder of PTFT Group The first time Traci did a webinar, it didn’t go great. Despite lots of registrations and attendees, she learned that converting leads to...
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Steep Summit Stories Episode 1 with Bradley Geddes

Summit Stories Episode 1 - Bradley Geddes, Financial Planner at Decker Retirement Planning Summit Stories is an informal video podcast where we ask advisors from across the country about their business, marketing, and life....
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An Advisor’s Guide to the Best Webinar Equipment

Today, millions of Americans are scrambling to work and communicate virtually. Marketing is no exception, and we’ve launched brand-new live and on-demand webinar marketing services to help you connect with people stuck in their homes...
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The 2020 Election & Facebook Marketing

Facebook was at the center of conversations related to the elections in 2016 when the Trump campaign used the Facebook ad platform with unprecedented success. Today, as we approach the 2020 elections, Financial Advisors (and...
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What Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Facebook

Did you know that your next client is more likely to find you on social media than any other way? Some advisors understand that social media should be a core part of their marketing, but...
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Steep’s Top 13 Books Every Financial Advisor Should Read

We’ve nearly done it. Another year hurtling around the sun at 67,000 mph. No, really, I checked. That’s how fast the Earth is revolving around the sun right now. So, as we are set to...
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Lifecycle Marketing

Do you know the #1 reason people choose you to be their financial advisor after their seminar is? Is it how sharp you dressed? How polished your presentation was? How nice the room was that...
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Converting Attendees to Appointments

Running 200+ campaigns/month we hear a lot of feedback about what’s working and what isn’t. We’re no strangers to the fact that hosting a seminar is only a piece of the puzzle and making appointments...
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Transparency in Digital Marketing

We’ve all heard people refer to our point in time as “the information age.” It’s true, our generation has unprecedented access to information. Researchers estimate that between television, radio, the internet, email and social media...
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6 Essential Building Blocks To A Facebook Campaign That Converts

Whenever we create a Facebook ad campaign for financial advisors, there are certain ingredients that we build into every single event campaign. It’s all interconnected, it flows together. All good things. Everything from the very...
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