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Lifecycle Marketing

Do you know the #1 reason people choose you to be their financial advisor after their seminar is?Is it how sharp you dressed? How polished your presentation was? How nice the room was that you met them in?

Nope – The #1 reasons people make the decision to choose a new financial advisor is that something timely happened in their life that caused NOW to be the time to make a change.

Maybe a loved one passed away, and they’re concerned about what will happen to their family when they are gone. Perhaps they were recently laid off and they need to know what to do with their 401K. Or maybe they’re concerned about what’s happening in the market all of a sudden and they aren’t getting the help they need from their current advisor.

When you look at the average conversion numbers from seminars, they tell this story clearly.

  • 40 families attend
  • 50% set appointments
  • 15 families attend their appointments
  • 20% of them become your client
  • 3 new clients from your seminar

These numbers tell the story. 40 and 3. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 37?

Those 37 people attended for a specific reason, but the TOP reason they didn’t become your client is as simple as this: The time wasn’t right.

Lifecyle Marketing is all about being the undisputed choice when the timing IS right.

You’ve probably heard our exciting news that we’ve acquired the leading firm in marketing automation, Automated Advisor. The reason this was such a strategic move for us is that we know that seminars by themselves are not a complete marketing plan. We need other tools to make Lifecycle Marketing accessible to our advisor clients.

In it’s simplest form, Lifecycle Marketing is a process that touches every individual lead in a unique way that acknowledges where they are in the buying process and gives them the next step to becoming your client.

We’ve broken Lifecycle Marketing into three core products here at Steep: Seminars, Lead Generation and Marketing Automation. I’ll break each of them down briefly and show you how this can be a GAME CHANGER for your marketing.


Steep has quickly become the fastest growing seminar marketing agency in the financial advisory space because of our unique process. We use laser focused targeting to only invite affluent prospects to your events. We feature YOU on the landing pages we build so that clients are 100% aware of who you are before the event occurs. We also have a sophisticated system to email and text people before your event to turn the maximum number of registrants into attendees. With these three pillars, we’re able to produce exceed the expectations of our advisors by delivering a full room of qualified prospects.

Marketing Automation

After each seminar you host, your prospects are going to have one of three outcomes.

  • They’ll attend and set an appointment
  • They’ll attend and not set an appointment
  • They will not attend

For the most part, your office has some sort of process to take each of these three groups of people through some sort of follow-up, but with the Steep Portal you can simply click one button and kick off a series of automated follow-ups that’s specifically tailored to engage these people with the next appropriate call to action. When you do future seminars, we’ll re-invite previous no-shows to turn what’s often a “wasted” list of names into a valuable resource. Armed with these systems, we’re seeing prospects book appointments with you online, we’re seeing a 20% reduced appointment no-show rate, and we’re delivering them weekly content to keep them engaged. Now, regardless of what happened after the event, you’ll always be top of mind when the time is right.

Lead Generation

We’ve all joined an email list from a major retailer to get a coupon or some other sort of offer. After you get your coupon code, what happens next? They’ll continually send you new offers notifying you of upcoming sales or events in an effort to get you to buy more things from them. For many online retailers, their email marketing is their #1 driver of sales. With our lead generation program, we’ll leverage our expertise in highly-targeted advertising to invite prospects in your local market to claim a valuable piece of content from you (we call these lead magnets). After downloading this content, we’ll put them through a sequence designed to set appointments directly with the most engaged prospects, and the rest will go into a long-term-nurture sequence to get engaging content from you every single week. Each time you run a new seminar campaign, they’ll be invited creating yet another way to engage with you.

Regardless of how someone behaves inside this marketing system, they’ll always have another opportunity to take the next step to becoming your next client. This is what Lifecycle Marketing looks like, and this is how Steep has totally changed the game when it comes to supporting advisors in their quest to market like it’s 2019. The best part is that these systems are 100% done-for-you and available at a very approachable price point.

If your marketing plan for 2019 is solely based off of seminars, seminars, and more seminars – consider how different things would be if you used lifecycle marketing. How would your practice change if you booked 3 additional appointments? If you host 1 seminar each month, that’s 36 additional appointments – roughly 7 additional clients! If this one benefit would move the needle in your business, you cannot afford to run business as usual.

Timing is everything – not just with your clients but also in our business. Now is the time to implement Lifecycle Marketing in your business so that you can plug the gaps in your marketing funnel and never miss an opportunity simply because you don’t have a tool that will do it for you.


  1. Jesse L Dietz on November 14, 2019 at 7:08 am

    I’m interested in learning more about your program(s). I currently run seminars but would love to add lead generation and other processes to do a better job keeping in touch with my current clients and those who met with me but didn’t become a client.

    • steepdigital on November 15, 2019 at 6:47 am

      Hi Jesse! Thanks for reaching out. One of our account managers will email you to talk through lead generation and automation processes we can help with.

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