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Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie

What is the Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie about? 

In his own words, filmmaker Doug Orchard describes the Baby Boomer Dilemma movie as “An expose on America’s retirement experiment.” The movie covers the historical story of “the pension era” and the many challenges that both pension managers and participants experienced that led to a massive decline in the availability of pensions for most workers. 

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We’re thrilled to announce that Steep is a strategic marketing partner for Doug Orchard Films as a preferred vendor. This partnership allows us to promote The Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie events with quality prospects using our proven digital marketing systems.

Movie Theater events are different than any other event you’ve experienced in the past. They provide a lot of opportunity for your firm, but there are some nuances that you’ll need to know about and prepare for. This document contains all the information you need to know to ensure you plan and execute a successful movie theater event.  

Where can I watch the Baby Boomer Dilemma movie?

Financial Professional Pre-Screening
Financial professionals who want to watch the movie themselves before committing to host a private event can purchase the movie at a $20 discount using the coupon code: STEEP (the code is case-sensitive). The coupon is valid only for the $29.99 version.

 Private event licensing
Financial Professionals can purchase a license to show The Baby Boomer Dilemma to a private audience for $1,330 per viewing from this website. This fee covers one screening of the movie, and each showing requires a separate licensing fee.

How does a movie theater event work? 

We’ll break down several of these items in more detail later in this guide, but here’s a general overview of the movie theater program and some reasons this is a powerful marketing program for advisors. First, Steep will create a digital marketing campaign that will invite nearby prospects to attend a private screening of the movie. After completing the online registration process, we’ll send them emails, texts, and a postcard to confirm registration.

The day of the event you will greet your prospects at the theater, provide them your event material, and help them locate amenities as well as the theater. To start the event, the advisor will introduce the movie, explain the firm’s sponsorship of the movie, and request that everyone stays for a few moments after the movie is over. After this introduction, the movie will play for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. At the conclusion the advisor will invite people to schedule an appointment with them and dismiss the audience. 

At what movie theaters can I host my movie event? 

You can host your movie at almost any local theater. Some of the most popular theater chains you can use are: AMC, Regal, and Cinemark. Because this is a private showing and you’ll be providing the movie itself, almost any theater will be able to accommodate you. We recommend contacting several local theaters and getting some general information and pricing about their private events before confirming the theater you’ll be using.

What questions should I ask the movie theater?

How do I get the movie to my local theater? 

Most movie theaters use a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) as the source of their movie content. A DCP is a physical hard drive with an official, high-definition copy of the movie on it. As soon as you have your movie event confirmed, you can order a DCP from Doug Orchard Films on this website. The DCP will be mailed to you with a license confirming your rights to use it for your private event.

What costs should we budget into our theater event?

What should I do to confirm my registrations?

Attendance rates for movie events range between 30% and 40%. Steep will complete email, text and postcard confirmations for you. We recommend confirmation calls as well to ensure you get the highest attendance rate possible. Our pricing for movie events assumes a 30% attendance rate.

Turning as many of your registrants into attendees as possible is the most important part of maximizing your campaign. Having run many of these events, we’ve identified the best confirmation process to increase attendance. Check out this video to learn more about the proven confirmation process for The Baby Boomer Movie events!

What is the process of setting up my Steep movie event?

What is the best way to set appointments at the end of the event?

Learn about the exact process advisors are using to set appointments at movie theater events with this in-depth training video.

As the market shifted away from pensions (defined benefit plan) toward 401Ks (defined contribution plans), American’s were faced with a whole new series of challenges. Today the two biggest risks (investment risk and longevity/income risk) are now squarely on the shoulders of the people who know the least – individual savers and retirees. But it’s not all bad news! The conclusion of the movie shows how every American does have access to dependable, pension-like income with annuities.

Throughout the movie financial experts, published authors, PhDs, economists and even Nobel Prize winners tell the story of the Baby Boomer Dilemma in a way that both educates and entertains the audience. 

What theater size options are available?

What is the cost for each theater size?

Can we purchase concessions for our guests?

Can concessions be purchased as vouchers or as gift cards?

Can you provide AV equipment for my event?

Is there an additional cost for AV equipment?

Can you play my movie from a DCP?

Is there a cost to use a DCP?

Are there any other costs or fees?

Do you have a food & beverage minimum?

If we plan to do multiple events, is there a discount?

How much time does the theater rental include?

Will there be someone at the theater to help me at the event? 

Everything you need to know about Movie Theater Events

Download the movie theater checklist

What’s the best day and time to choose for my movie event?

We recommend hosting your movie event on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening with a 6:00 or 6:30 start time.

Look for these characteristics in a good theater:

  • Quality: Generally, nicer theaters will convey more value to prospects and will result in a better response rate and a better event. Look for venues that are new or recently remodeled with modern seating and in quality locations.
  • Seating: Almost all theaters have comfortable recliner seating. These layouts are preferred over the traditional folding seat because they’ll allow strangers to sit next to other people without requiring an empty seat between parties. When estimating total capacity for your event, consider eliminating the front row from your totals as many people prefer to not sit in the very front row.
  • Accessibility: Look for a theater that’s easy to get to with major roads nearby. Avoid theaters in the far outlying suburbs. The denser the population immediately surrounding your theater, the better your response rate will be.
  • Concessions: Many advisors elect to offer concessions as an incentive to attend. This will increase the perceived value of the event and provide a more positive and enjoyable experience. Be sure to ask specific questions about the price of concessions when doing your theater research.
  • Cost: The cost to rent a theater and provide concessions varies greatly by market and theater brand. Other items that can influence cost include the following: Additional fees to play from a DCP, extended room rental time, concessions, food and beverage minimums, and audio and video equipment for your speaking portion of the event. Plan to spend between $600 and $2,000 per showing at the theater.
  • Communication: Be sure to ask good questions about who you’ll be working with at the theater and what support they’ll provide to you the day of your event. Finding a good partner at the theater is an important consideration to ensure things go smoothly. 

Steep Marketing: $4,250 - $7,025
Steep offers several pricing options for movie theater events. Costs vary based on your event size, the number of events on your campaign, whether you need us to make confirmation calls for you, and whether you prefer a performance guarantee on your marketing. Please reference our pricing guide for more details.

Confirmation Calls: $800 - $2,000
Our callers are all Life and Health licensed, trained in phone sales strategies and are specifically trained in the nuances of the financial industry. You’re welcome to make confirmation calls for your attendees on your own if you’d like to.

Movie License: $1,330
The cost to receive a DCP of the movie and a one-time-use license to show the film in a private event is $1,330. You’ll pay this fee directly to Doug Orchard Films. Please order your DCP and License at least 3 weeks before your event.

Concessions: $10 - 20 per attendee
Concession costs vary from theater to theater. Generally, you can provide a drink and popcorn for about $15 per person. We recommend purchasing vouchers with specific concessions included (ex: small popcorn and fountain drink). This simplifies the concession purchase process and prevents people from needing to pay additional costs out of pocket. You are not required to provide concessions, but we recommend offering this to enhance the experience.

Audio & Video: $0 - $200
Some advisors prefer to have a sound system in the theater that they can use when they deliver their introductory and closing statements. If you are using a large theater or don’t have a loud voice, this can help you deliver an impactful message that’s easy to hear in a large room. Some theaters include this at no cost; some theaters allow you to bring your own AV if you prefer; some theaters will charge a fee to set this up for you.

Theater Rental: $600 - $1,500
Theater rentals vary in price based on size, chain, and location. Sometimes the cost of the theater is included in a “bundle” with all other costs, and sometimes they are quoted separately. Be sure to ask detailed questions as you vet your venue, so you have a clear picture of the overall cost.

Theater DCP Fee: $0 - $300
Most theaters will play your movie from a DCP without an additional cost, but some may require a separate fee to play from this format.

Additional Theater Rental Time: $0 - $300
The movie itself is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but because you’ll need access to the room ahead of time for your introduction and at the end for your call to action, you’ll need to ensure you have access to the theater for the entire time required. Occasionally theaters will charge a separate fee if you rent the room for longer than the actual movie. 

The cost for the DCP is $1,330 per showing and includes the shipping of the DCP to you and a license to use it for your event. After your event, you will be required to ship the DCP back to Doug Orchard Films – you are responsible for return shipping. 

Ordering Marketing: Steep makes it easy to order a marketing campaign for your movie event with our online order process. Plan to order your movie theater event 30-45 days ahead of time. We’ll run ads for about 2 weeks before your event, and we need at least one week to prepare your campaign to go live. Be sure to work with your Sales Executive and Account Manager closely to ensure your event meets our production timeline. Any order received under 30 days prior to your event may incur a rush fee.

Ordering DCP: As soon as you’ve ordered your marketing campaign from Steep, you should order your DCP from Doug Orchard Films. You must request a DCP at least 3 weeks prior to your event. -Marketing: We’ll advertise your event online for 2 weeks prior to your event. This allows us ample time to get registrations, and it allows your prospects to make plans to attend your event.

Start Time: Planning the start time of your event is very important! Attendees need to arrive in time to check in, get concessions, find their seat, and be ready for your introduction. You’ll also need several minutes at the beginning of the event to give your welcome message before the movie begins. We recommend using your welcome message start time as the advertised start time on the event. You’ll need to coordinate with the theater to confirm whether the movie will automatically start at a specific time, or if they’re able to start it as needed once you’ve completed your welcome message. For example, if you plan to deliver a 10-minute intro message, we recommend showing 6:30 as the start time, and beginning the movie at 6:40.

Steep Confirmation: When someone registers for your movie, we’ll send emails, texts and a printed postcard to them to confirm each registration. Emails are sent immediately, 10 days before, 5 days before, 1 day before, and the day of the event. Texts are sent immediately upon registering and the day of the event; both texts include a map link. Postcards are printed and mailed immediately upon registration and should arrive in 1-2 business days.

Advisor Confirmation: In addition to our automated confirmation process, it’s critical that phone call confirmations are made. We recommend calling immediately as registrations come in as well as the day before the event. Movie events average a 30% attendance rate, and these calls are a critical part of turning registrations into attendees. Please see the confirmation tutorial video for more information.

Setting up the theater: Some advisors prefer having a mic with speakers to use during their introduction before and call to action after the movie. If you need AV, arrange a rental with the theater or plan to bring your own equipment.

Concessions: Most advisors elect to offer some concessions to their attendees to enhance the client experience. You’ll need to arrange this with the theater in advance, and be prepared to explain the concessions to your guests when they check in. We suggest purchasing snack vouchers that include specific items (example: a drink and popcorn). This simplifies the process of checking in as opposed to using a gift card with a dollar value that may require your guests to spend additional money out of pocket and slow down the checking process. Most theaters offer a snack pack for about $15 per guest.

Greeting your prospects: Plan to set up a check-in table in the entry of the theater. Because this is a private screening, your guests will not have to check in to the ticket counter. Upon check-in, you need to provide guests their snack voucher, any collateral you wish to include, instructions on getting concessions and getting to the theater. If you plan to have prospects schedule appointments after the event, be sure to include a pen with your welcome kit.

Starting your movie event: You should start the introduction to your movie event promptly at the start time advertised.

Here are some things you’ll want to include in your welcome greeting:

  • Thank them for attending
  • Set expectations on timing and process
  • Introduce yourself and your team
  • Introduce the movie and why you’re hosting the event
  • Ask people to stay for a few minutes after the movie has ended. After you have completed your introduction, have the theater start the movie.

Concluding the movie: At the end of the movie, you’ll need to ensure someone from the theater is present to turn the lights to the theater back on. At this time, you’ll give your call to action and encourage people to set appointments. Move your check-in table to the exit of the theater so you can address guests as they leave. 

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The Complete Guide to 

Watch the webinar

Meet the filmmaker – Doug Orchard

Hear real advisor results – Andrew Winnett

Learn how we market your movie event – Jonathan Musgrave

Watch the webinar

Meet the filmmaker
Doug Orchard

Hear real advisor results
Andrew Winnett

Learn how we market your movie event
Jonathan Musgrave

What is the best way to set appointments at the end of the event?

  • Traditional Appointment Sheet: Many advisors are familiar with using appointment sheets to schedule appointments at regular seminars. Using this method, you’ll need to give each attendee an appointment sheet and a pen prior to the event. Consider asking people to fill out the contact section of the appointment sheet in your opening remarks. At the end of the event, ask people to select one or two appointment times that work with their schedule from the times listed as available on the sheet. Collect all appointment sheets as people exit the theater.
  • QR Code: Some advisors have used QR codes printed on postcards that link to their online calendar. In your closing remarks you’ll explain how the online calendar works, and people can self-schedule for their appointment by scanning the QR code.
  • Value Stacking Offer: With value stacking, you’re attempting to create an irresistible offer by combining something else of value along with your free consultation. Advisors have used this method effectively at movie events by offering access to a digital copy of the movie. Other advisors who have written books have offered a copy of their book to everyone who schedules an appointment. Combining the value of two offers has the potential to increase your appointments set rate. 
Download the Response Sheet Template

What should I say when I present at my movie event?

Learn from movie event veteran Baby Boomer Dilemma Executive Producer, Andrew Winnett, as he shares the exact presentation he gives to welcome guests and close appointments at his movie events.

11 Movie Events and $18,000,000 in production!

Just 9 months after our first conversation about marketing events with The Baby Boomer Dilemma Movie, Andrew Winnett has completed 11 movies with Steep. In this “year in review” video, we go through Andrew’s actual numbers to show you the massive opportunity in front of you when you make movie marketing a part of your 2023 plan.