Seminar Marketing

Fill Your Seminars With Quality Leads.

People use social media for one of two reasons: to be educated or to be entertained. After running thousands of workshops and spending millions of dollars analyzing web traffic, we have found the seminars that draw the most attention are presented in colleges and libraries and follow an educational format.

Do you run dinner seminars? We’ve got a plan for you, too. Different campaigns mean implementing different design tactics that drive people to register, but we will always be candid with you based on our experience of what works and what doesn’t.

If your traditional mailer isn't filling seats, Seminar Rescue will help! We will run a quick digital campaign to boost your numbers for your upcoming seminar. No rush fees for this upgrade that aims to get another 10-20 leads for your event.


Steep’s 3-Step
Seminar Marketing Plan

Every prospect goes through three essential steps on their path to becoming your next satisfied client.

01. Traffic

Humans have a goldfish-sized attention span, so we use thumb-stopping images and compelling copy that are designed to grab the attention of your prospects as they scroll through their social feeds. 

02. Conversion

Persuading someone to change their behavior is a critical part of the marketing process. Each customized landing page uses intentional design, color and copy to influence your ideal audience into taking action.

03. Confirmation

Good leads are only worth it if they engage with your message. Using a combo of enterprise-level automation tech and confirmation postcards, we will send personalized messages to turn your leads into event attendees. 

Perks of Working With Steep

How to Maximize Your Marketing Investment

Plan with confidence knowing exactly how much your marketing will cost.


Loyalty Discounts

Available to every client on every program with no upfront, long-term commitment. Discounts are automatically applied to your campaigns every time you qualify.


Turnkey Content That Converts

Many of our campaign presentations have been written by high-producing advisors in the field and are designed to convert. These aren’t boring academic presentations but compelling content that speaks to the hurdles you can help the audience overcome. Paired with content written by professional copywriters with over 10 years of industry experience, you know the content we use to advertise your event will be rock solid.

Smart Retirement Tax

  • Designed to target people with a high net worth
  • Covers IRAs and current tax topics
  • SECURE Act updates

Estate Planning & You

  • Designed to target people with a high net worth
  • Covers IRAs and 401(k)s
  • SECURE Act updates

Women’s Retirement Roadmap

  • Designed to target women with a high net worth
  • Covers unique retirement challenges specific to women

Social Security Blueprint

  • Designed to target those preparing to retire
  • Covers advanced claiming strategies
  • Highly relevant topic to target demographics every year

Medicare Compass

  • Focuses on all aspects of Medicare
  • Targets both men and women ages 65 and older

Retire Wiser

  • Custom content
  • Income planning
  • SECURE Act updates

Easy College Planning

  • Focuses on how to avoid common planning mistakes and pay tuition without using retirement accounts 
  • Targets parents of high-school aged students

Retire Right

  • Focuses on RMDs and taxes
  • SECURE Act updates

Federal Retirement Network

  • Focuses on tax and retirement issues for federal employees
  • Targets men and women ages 55 and over who have worked for the federal government

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