As you travel West across Colorado, the high-plains are first interrupted by a series of 6-8,000 foot mountains serving as a gateway to the great Rockies. These foothills bring the best of the mountains to the front range; an accessible source of elevated fun just a short drive from home.

As you seek to add digital marketing to your practice, The Foothills are the easiest way to access the goods. These turn-key seminar marketing systems come with a flat-rate pricing, optional performance guarantee, and a track record of high performance. They also have the added bonus of being economical; on average, Foothills seminars cost 60% less than direct mail and 40% less than other digitally marketed seminars.

Foothills seminars are possible because of our proven seminar best practices. These best practices are the result of promoting thousands of seminars with millions in ad spend, and serve as the chassis for all Foothills programs.

Foothills benefits

  • Turn key: Everything you need to promote and present a profitable seminar.
  • Efficient: Substantially less expensive than both direct mail and other digital seminars.
  • Reduce Risk: Want to ensure a full pipeline? Unlock our optional premium guarantee feature by following Steep’s proven Best Practices.
  • Proven: We vigorously test each program to give you access to a proven marketing system on day one.
  • Flexible: With many seminars to choose from, there’s sure to be one to fit your practice perfectly.


Among the thousands of peaks in Colorado, just 58 have what it takes to be called a fourteener. With summits above 14,000 feet, reaching the top takes patience, planning, and endurance. But for those up for the challenge, 360 degree views and plenty of bragging rights are in order.

The Fourteeners program is your opportunity to chart your own path, leveraging our experience in digital marketing to design your very own marketing system. The Fourteeners program is ideal for people with a proven marketing message looking to take offline success online.  Together we’ll take your unique content and build a fully custom seminar marketing system.

Fourteeners benefits

  • Flexible: Regardless of your message, we’ll custom design every element to match your content and brand
  • Branding: Leverage the power of social marketing to get your company name in front of thousands of ideal prospects in your local market
  • Audience: Build valuable custom audiences of people who have engaged with your content
  • Control: Every aspect of this custom package is built and executed from your tools leaving you in total control
  • Unique: Stand apart from the crowd with your own custom seminar marketing system

Front Range

The Colorado Front Range is vast, spanning hundreds of miles and two states. Within these thousands of mountains, an infinite number of adventures await: camping, fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. Whether your dream is the fishing gold-metal waters or surfing 20” of fresh powder – the front range is anything you want it to be.

Joining the ranks of the Front Range means you want more from digital marketing for your practice. The defined paths that others follow aren’t as engaging as the rugged unknown you want to explore. As we explore the Front Range together, we’ll design and build anything you can imagine – a marketing system unlike any other.

Things we can build together

  • Social Radio
  • Take your seminar content online
  • Automated marketing funnel
  • Educational video series
  • A bridge from one lead system to another
  • Long term nurture sequence
  • Blog content
  • Become a local celebrity

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