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Steep Summit Stories Episode 4 with Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, Creators of Retirement Elevated


Summit Stories Episode 4 – Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, Creators of Retirement Elevated

Scott Dougan and Sean Lee, the two advisors behind Elevated Advisor and Retirement Elevated, run their business from two different states and have created a wildly successful college-style financial workshop responsible for acquiring nearly $300,000,000 in assets since 2014.

In this conversation, we discuss how they attract people that are a perfect fit for their business, why they DON’T want a massive flow of prospects, the silver linings and positives from the pandemic, and the creative new venue Scott is using to run in-person workshops.

In this episode you will hear:
5:46 – On the dynamics of building a business living in two different places
13:25 – The evolution of their marketing philosophy and what that means for the future
15:01 – How the college class format helps you attract, acquire, and retain the right type of clients
18:47 – Why the college course acts as a natural gatekeeper for the client types they want
22:10 – How Coronavirus changed business and the silver lining moments that will last
24:00 – Scott on doing $573,000 in target life over Zoom calls
27:19 – What goes into creating a successful long-form college course in webinar format
33:35 – On how nurturing existing clients and always educating has proven crucial to their success
40:28 – The innovative new venue Scott is using to run the Retirement Elevated course

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