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Steep Summit Stories Episode 6 with Abe Abich


Summit Stories Episode 6 – Abe Abich, Founder of Abich Financial Services

Abe is CEO and founder of Abich Financial Services (AFS). Abe founded AFS in 2008 and has nearly two decades of experience in financial services. He is a seasoned retirement income planning professional, a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, hosts the D.C. Metro Area Radio show Retirement Key Radio on 105.9 WMAL, and hosts the television show Retirement Key TV on WUSA 9. Abich Financial Services was the recipient of the Best of Loudon 2022 award.

In this conversation, Jonathan talks to Abe about how he has grown his practice, his goals for the year, marketing to and working with different clients, and how Steep has been a key part of his marketing strategy.

Conversation Highlights

  • 3:10 – Dealing with complex clients
  • Financial marketing strategies for a financial advisor
  • Advisor sales process for webinars
  • Marketing to women
  • Market changes in todays market
  • Steep resources for campaigns
  • Abe’s goals and plans for this year

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